December Consignment Auction, 2021

December Consignment Auction, 2021

Bidding Will Begin to Close: Dec 14th  at 10:00 am

Have any items you would be interested in consigning? We are looking for lots that have a minimum of $50 in value. Please call ahead to see if we will accept your items before bringing them to the 443 Executive Center. Call Auctioneer Brad Chandler at 618-791-3289 or Val at 618-473-2500. Sell from the farm or plan to bring items to the 443 Executive Center in Sparta next to Buchheits. Reserve a spot in any of the future auctions by contacting us. Items held at the 443 Office during the auction can be delivered the week prior to the auction.

Held By: Brad Chandler, Auctioneer

IL Auctioneer Lic # 441.002105

Property Peddler Inc.

1811 N Market St, Sparta, Illinois 62286
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